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Economic and policy expert who served as a research fellow at the Korea Economic and Taxation Research Institute, professor at Sungkyunkwan University’s School of Economics, member of the National Assembly, and chief of economic and policy coordination at the office of the presidential secretary.


Elders of economics and economics,
General counsel with years of legal expertise,
Strategic planning advisors with expertise in strategic planning and public relations,
Technical advisors with experience and expertise in the field of technology.

Board of Directors and Planning Committee 

Consulting for planning, including the operation and development of the institute.

Advisory Board

  1. (Domestic) Advisors across the policy ecosystem, including the government, national research institutes, academia, and the media.
  2. (Overseas) Advisory collaboration with faculty from major overseas universities such as Brookings Institution, MDRC, IRP(US), AGI Institution(Japan), PANGOAL(china), etc.  

Research Fellow

35 research fellows perform policy development consulting and academic research services in the field of economics, labor, environment, energy, etc.

General Management Dept.

Execute and oversee major tasks of the institute, including securing major project budgets, overseeing internal and external systems, and evaluating research support systems.

Planning Dept.

Manage full-cycle objectives of the institute, including research planning, strategic planning, operational strategy formulation, and planning coordination.

Research Dept.

Conducting policy research projects in various fields, cooperation and exchanges among research institutions, policy research and development, etc.

IT Dept.

 Development and maintenance of policy platform askPERI, development and management of business assets (patents, intellectual property rights, etc.)