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Policy belongs to the people

but our people have always been isolated and victimized by populism.

For this reason, we need to evaluate policies to ensure that they are no longer an object of indifference to the people or a means of deception.

The Policy Evaluation Research Institute (PERI) will fulfill this task of the times. We will gather policy experts from Korea and around the world to properly evaluate each policy and ensure that the public is involved and centered in the pre- and post-evaluation process.

PERI launches askPERI, an AI-based, all-in-one policy platform on January 1, 2024.

askPERI offers consolidated search results and analysis of policy information scattered across various sources, including the National Assembly, the government, and public institutions. Additionally, it provides tailored information services for registered members from the government, businesses, associations, public institutions, media, and more.

As a private research institute, PERI will always stand with the people, playing a significant role for making right policies and contributing to the development of Korean society.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Policy Evaluation Research Institute (PERI)

President Chong-Bum An