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PERI organizes symposiums and seminars that convene world-class researchers and policy experts to share research findings and exchange views on policy developments.

2023 PERI Symposium

[Session I] Development Process of Policy Evaluation Research and Its Future

Chong-Bum An [President of PERI] ㅣ ‘Development of Policy Evaluation Research and Tasks for Policy Reform’
Richard Valentine Burkhauser [Senior Research Fellow at Civitas Institute]ㅣ ‘The Development of Policy Evaluation Research and the Role of Policy Research Institutions’
Douglas Besharov [Professor at University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy] ㅣ ‘The Five Pillars of Evidence-Based Policy Analysis: Implications for Korean Decision-Makers’

[Session II] Policy Evaluation for Welfare Policy

Timothy Smeeding [Distinguished Professor at University of Wisconsin / Director of Institute for Research on Poverty] ㅣ ‘Learning about Anti-Poverty Policy and its Effectiveness using Cross National Data and Analyses’
Kyung-Zoon Hong [Professor at Sung Kyun Kwan University / President of Korean Academy of Social Welfare] / Seok-Cheol Ha [Research Fellow of Seoul Welfare Foundation] ㅣ ‘Evaluation Research on Income Security Policy of South Korea: Past and Present’

[Session III] Policy Evaluation for Tax and Fiscal Policy

Alan Auerbach [Robert D. Burch Professor at University of California, Berkeley / Director of the Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance] ‘Tax and Fiscal Policy and Its Evaluation in the US’
Toshihiro Ihori [Professor Emeritus at National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies / Former Professor at Tokyo University]‘Tax and Fiscal Policy and Its Evaluation in Japan’

[Session IV] Policy Evaluation for Labor and Population Policy

Ronald Lee [Professor at University of California-Berkeley / Founding Director of the Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging at Berkeley] ㅣ ‘Population Aging and Public Policy’
Donna Ginther [Professor at University of Kansas / Director of Institute for Policy & Social Research] ㅣ ‘Gender and Public Policy: Opportunities for Economic Growth for Korea’
Sang-Hyop Lee [Professor at University of Hawaii, Manoa / Director of Center for Korean Studies/ Director for Center for Korean Studies] ㅣ’National Transfer Accounts and Policy Evaluation’


[Session V] Policy Evaluation for Financial and Industrial Policy

Zhiwu Chen [Professor at University of Hong Kong / Former Professor at Yale University] ㅣ ‘The Redistributive Effects of China’s Financial Policies’
Ken Koyama [Senior Managing Director of Institute of Energy Economics Japan] ㅣ ‘Global EnergyTransition and the Challenges for Japan and Korea.’

[Session VI] Policy Evaluation for Housing and Urban Policy

Mark Shroder [Co-Editor of Randomized Social Experiments / Housing and Urban Development Specialist] ㅣ ‘Why Should Korea Conduct Randomized Social Experiments in Housing Policy?’
Sock-Yong Phang [Celia Moh Chair Professor of Economics at Singapore Management University] ㅣ ‘Evaluation of Housing and Urban Policy in Singapore’
Kyung Hwan Kim [Professor at Sogang University / Former Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport] ㅣ ‘Evalation of Housing and Urban Policy in Korea’