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정책평가의 새 지평을 열다 책 표지

On November 13, 2023, PERI published  fourth installment of its policy series, “A New Horizon for Policy Evaluation.”

PERI has previously published the policy series “Fooled by Politics, Crying Over Taxes”, “Policy Evaluation Reform” and “G3 Korea : Finding the Way.”

New book, titled “A New Horizon for Policy Evaluation” encompasses the papers and discussions presented at the PERI Symposium 2023, which took place on June 20~21, 2023 at the COEX Auditorium.

The PERI Symposium 2023 comprised six sessions:

  1. Development Process of Policy Evaluation Research and Its Future
  2. Policy Evaluation for Welfare Policy
  3. Policy Evaluation for Tax and Fiscal Policy
  4. Policy Evaluation for Labor and Population Policy
  5. Policy Evaluation for Financial and Industrial Policy
  6. Policy Evaluation for Housing and Urban Policy

Fifteen world-renowned scholars were invited to present on each topic. In the discussion sessions that followed, former and current ministers in the field served as moderators, while top experts such as national policy researchers and current vice ministers of relevant ministries participated as discussants.

Chong-bum An, the president of PERI, who also participated in Session 1 of the PERI Symposium 2023 as speaker, expressed his feelings on editing the book, “A New Horizon for Policy Evaluation,” saying, “In preparation for the symposium, I sent my paper on policy evaluation reform in Korea to all the presenters of the six sessions in advance and asked them to give me suggestions and advice for Korea in their presentations at the symposium.” “Through this book, evidence-based evaluation and research will be implemented across domestic policies, and we hope that the importance of evidence-based policy evaluation will be widely recognized by the public.”


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