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PERI offers comprehensive policy-related services, encompassing research, consulting, online services, symposiums, publications, and more.

Research / Policy Study
Implementing research, survey, analysis and study regarding policy improvement, economic impact analysis to meet the needs of governments, public institutions, associations, companies, etc.
Report / PERI Books

Publishing research reports written by PERI researchers to reflect the current situation and to establish and implement policies necessary for the people

PERI Policy Book 1, “Fooled by politics, crying over taxes”(published in Jan 2023)
PERI Policy Book 2, “Policy Evaluation Reform”(published in Mar 2023)
PERI Policy Book 3, “G3 South Korea: Finding the Way”(published in July 2023)
PERI Policy Book 4, “A New Horizon for Policy Evaluation”(Published in November 2023)

Policy Consulting / Policy Risk Management

Consulting to analyze policy issues, related laws and risks for companies that are policy beneficiaries

Establishing policy improvement strategies

Online Service / askPERI Policy Platform
Operate an AI-based, all-in-one platform for policy information search, policy trend analysis, and policy consulting
askPERI Policy Platform launched in Jan 2024
Hosting symposium to share idea, research result and discuss improvement of policy evaluation with top-class policy experts across the world
PERI Symposium 2023 held on June 20~21,2023(2days)
Operating a periodic meeting with a planning committee of specialists in each field Performing a PERI forum to share policy issues and ideas by sector with policy beneficiaries
Index / PERI Data
Developing various index: country debt index, company burden Index, gross national happiness index, etc.