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PERI(Policy Evaluation Research Institute)

strives to be the leading private policy research organization and policy platform in Korea.

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of top experts over the world, PERI is dedicated to create an evidence-based and scientific policy evaluation framework so that policy is no longer an object of indifference or a means of deception.

askPERI is an AI-based, all-in-one policy platform developed by PERI to provide the following services.

Policy Information Search

askPERI generates consolidated search results of policy data scattered across multiple sources, including parliament, government, public organizations, and more.

Policy Trend Analysis

askPERI provides analysis of important legal, regulatory, government, and policy changes.

Policy Consulting

PERI experts provide online and offline consulting through askPERI.

Public interest and participation in policy evaluation supports the success of policies. The Policy Evaluation Research Institute will build a policy evaluation infrastructure to create a policy environment where the people are the center of policy.