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On January 1, 2024, PERI launched “askPERI(”, an AI-based, all-in-one online policy platform that provides consolidated search results and trend analysis of vast amounts of policy information scatterd in various places, including the government, National Assembly, and public institutions.

askPERI is branded with the vision of becoming a service that allows users to ask PERI everything about policy.

askPERI provides search results for approximately 23.23 million policy data entries(excluding media articles), including laws, bills, regulatory information, parliamentary minutes, national audit data, government reports, government budget data, and public institutional statistics, without the need to visit multiple sites. Additionally, its service goes beyond simple search results, providing more meaningful and valuable integrated analysis data by identifying the linkages of various policy data. Moreover, it presents the data and trend analysis through visualization tools such as charts, line graphs, etc.

In the case of government budget data, which is public but difficult to find, askPERI databased it all and make it searchable. askPERI also allows user to access the network of PERI experts, such as former ministers, professors, and researchers at national policy institutes, both online and offline.

Patents are in progress for 10 areas of models and services that collect and analyze policy information embeded in askPERI.

PERI launched its beta version on Monday, January 1, 2024. It opens all the menu options to the public for two months for free during the beta sesrvice, after which some menus tailored to customized sesrvices will become paid. Even two months after the beta version ends, the general public can still use the search service of major policy information for free.

PERI hopes that askPERI helps narrow the distance between policy information and the public and makes a significant contribution to creating a social culture in which the public actively participates in policy.

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